Lokmani Degree College

Education that empowers! 

Creating a global environment for every student.

What is Lokmani?

Lokmani Degree College is an institution that believes in empowering students with the power of education.
Lokmani is set up on three pillars to provide a holistic education experience to the students: academic, extra-curricular and employment.

"If there is a way to do it better...find it"
- Thomas Alve Edison (1847 - 1931)

Lokmani Degree College has been set up on three pillars to provide "the complete" education to the students.

Academic: The college has recruited quality Ph. D lecturers with industry experience to provide academic applied knowledge to talented students. 

Extra-curricular: The college management sincerely believes in overall development of young minds. The college organizes debate competitions, athletic meets and essay competitions round the year.

Employment: The college makes a fundamental difference in the lives of students by providing industry leading guest seminars, personality development programmes and career counselling to students.
We try to ensure our customers receive the best choice of quality education along with great careers which, we hope, help them to become better human beings.

To take your future
to the next level,

We bring together students and professionals
to drive progress through education.


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